If you’re like me, you are probably wondering why there seems to be a sudden interest in the planet Mars.  The United States has already had over 30 missions to Mars…and counting.  Numerous other countries are working right now trying to reach the red planet. There are several billionaires who are developing rocket ships to the International Space Station, the Moon, to asteroids, and to Mars.  Even President Trump has gotten involved and created the Space Force.

What’s up?  I could write 50 books telling you why, but I’ve decided to shorten it to only five books.

Mars, as it turns out, matters more than we know even though we could not live on it like we do on Earth.  The atmosphere is made of carbon-dioxide (what we exhale), and even if it were pure oxygen, it is so thin we could not catch our breath.  The temperature fluctuates about 180-degrees each day with the low plummeting to minus 130-degrees during the night.  The atmosphere is so thin on Mars that deadly cosmic and solar radiation slam right through it and would kill a human being in a very short period of time unless they are housed deep underground like a gopher.

So, why is everybody spending billions of dollars to get there?  Because if something (anything!) threatens our Earth, Mars is the only possible place we can go.  There are no second options.  Nothing. Only Mars.

Does this mean something is coming to kill us?  No. But scientists do know the probability of a catastrophic global event is going to happen at some point in the future. It might be 100,000 years from now, or it might be 20 years.  This is why observatories all around the globe are staring up at the sky.  They are our sentinels.  They are watching while we are going about our daily lives.

My new book called, It’s Coming… is a story about a young woman who is granted the opportunity to do something so fantastic and far-reaching she will go down in history just for making the attempt.  But this is no ordinary woman.  Even though she doesn’t know it (when the books begin) she will learn that she is an incredible leader.  A leader who has no equal.  A leader who can lead the unleadable.  A woman whose time has come, and who the world desperately needs.

This book is a fiction book, but the science is as accurate as I know how to make it.  I do not have all the information the Jet Propulsion Lab has, but I did correspond with one of their top engineers who pointed me in the right direction so I could explain complicated things in uncomplicated ways.

Yes, there is some science and math in this book, but I did not inundate it.  I have only told you what you need to know to understand what is happening, or what could happen.  I can say this:  you are about to be amazed with what you read.  By reading this book, you will know more than most everyone around you. I read dozens of books and did thousands of hours of research to bring this book, and the next four after it, to you. So, get ready…

It’s Coming…