When Daddy was researching everything for this book he got a lot of information and got excited about all of it! He loved doing the research. So when he wrote it he put a lot of that information in the book, including equations, theories, laws, and much more!

Then I read it. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the information. I could understand what he was talking about, however, I’m the type of person who just wants to get to the story. I don’t need to know why it is this way to like the book. So I talked him into writing a version that gets right into the story.

Hopefully, you as the reader, falls into one of these categories. Are you into math, space, astronomy, and all the details? The complete version is for you. If you like to skip the details and go straight into the story, the abridged version is for you (and me😊).

We really hope you find which one works the best for you. Happy reading! 📚

P.S. Look for the paperback coming soon.