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Greatness is not just a word.

While on a mission in a war-torn city in Iraq, a United States Army Sergeant Major and his team are lured into a trap instigated by a vicious, manipulating, psychopath named Rahim.

Once the main force is captured, Rahim sets out to prove to his men that American soldiers, and especially its leaders, are infidels, because they possess no morally defining characteristics.

Over the next breath-taking hour, you will witness a Sergeant Major who will not only prove Rahim is wrong about American soldiers and their leaders, but he will heroically demonstrate it.


About Ken Bailey

Ken Bailey has had many different jobs in his life, most seemingly inconsequential (which are not listed here) but every now and then he got a good one. He joined the military while just a teenager and distinguished himself by rank, decorations, and ribbons before he was honorably discharged. Next, he went to work at a financial services company and then as a drafter. Currently, he is the Chief Financial Officer at a law firm during the day and continues to write fiction novels at night.

In Origins of a Champion, Joey learns that he must strive to overcome each challenge he faces. This theme is continued in the following book, Deserve the Dream, for both Joey and Missy, with the added responsibility of overcoming the fears that attend each of their challenges.

He wrote these books for his readers who also face new challenges and fears that they do not necessarily know how to handle. But he also is putting into practice what these two books teach: you see, he was reticent to publish the 15 books he has written. It was his books Origins of a Champion and Deserve the Dream that gave him the courage to face his fears and have them published.

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It's Coming...

Lilly is a regular thirteen-year-old girl on her way to a party planned by her parents, but what she doesn’t know is this is a party that will change her life forever. It will become Lilly’s job to learn how to save the world, and the only people she can count on are the most untrustworthy group of people known to mankind…convicts. Lilly must learn and understand the way convicted criminals act and think in order to teach and lead these outcasts on an unimaginable journey to find their Destiny.


A Willing Woman

Through a newspaper advertisement, a mysterious billionaire offers a WILLING WOMAN the opportunity of a lifetime—the chance to earn $1,000,000 in cash for completing a yet undisclosed four-hour mission at his mansion.  She has no idea what she must do, or if she can even do it.  But she has one thing: a sincere desire to possess $1,000,000 in cash.


Worth Your Salt​

The phrase “worth your salt” dates back to Ancient Rome and means competent and worth your salary. This story is about a struggling young man indifferent to his dead-end job and only interested in his next paycheck, when one day, a meticulous, uniformed Hispanic cook is hired to save their restaurant that teeters on bankruptcy. Grab yourself a piece of pie and read this book to discover how he taught the young man to be worth his salt, become a leader, and forever change the direction of his life.


Origins of a Champion

Are champions born or made? Joey Rinehart is the only child of a rodeo champion and he has his sights set on bull riding. Perry Rinehart is his daddy and he is determined to see his son succeed. More than most parents, he has to teach his son discipline or his pride and joy will be hurt—or even killed. How can Perry teach Joey and allay his wife’s fears? Maybe by teaching him to ride an oak tree.


Deserve the Dream

Joey Rinehart is an extraordinary young bull rider willing to ride any bull—including one that can leap 10 feet into the air! Missy McWilliams is his girlfriend, just learning the rodeo with all its perils and she is afraid. Miss Dody, the matriarch of a ranch that teaches children how to compete in the rodeo, wants to help Missy overcome her fears and become a champion barrel racer. Rankin Made is a billionaire determined to bring the rodeo, and its profitability, into the 21st century—by any means necessary. Saddle up and watch them work to deserve the dreams they have in life and, maybe, learn something about overcoming fear yourself.

"Pa also taught me if’n I don’t train real hard, there ain’t no way I can stand tall with the other kids that really do train hard.” — Joey Rinehart

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