Deserve the Dream

Ken Bailey

Deserve the Dream

Joey Rinehart is an extraordinary young bull rider willing to ride any bull—including one that can leap 10 feet into the air! Missy McWilliams is his girlfriend, just learning the rodeo with all its perils and she is afraid. Miss Dody, the matriarch of a ranch that teaches children how to compete in the rodeo, wants to help Missy overcome her fears and become a champion barrel racer. Rankin Made is a billionaire determined to bring the rodeo, and its profitability, into the 21st century—by any means necessary. Saddle up and watch them work to deserve the dreams they have in life and, maybe, learn something about overcoming fear yourself.

“It gives the reader a true sense of what life has to offer in bull riding and in life itself.”
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“The book pulls you in and makes you feel like you are in the story yourself. FANTASTIC JOB!”
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“I love the morals and respect ... I wish all kids had the chance to grow up this way.”
Sheryl W.
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