Imagine a raging fire burning in front of you.  You can feel its voracious heat.  In horror you realize it is destroying something priceless to you.  To your right you see a bucket.  Unfortunately, it is empty—no water around.  In your haste you rush in to try and save this priceless treasure, only to have the intense heat thrust you backwards into safety where you realize you will lose this precious object forever.

This depiction is metaphorically similar to the problems you face in your life that you don’t know how to handle.  Events like this make you feel helpless, inadequate, and inconsequential.  And every time you lose another battle, you add another weight to the failure side of your life.  Before long, you realize you have tons of failures, while only a few pounds of success, and it begins to affect your attitude.  And attitude is what determines the direction your life will follow. If you have a positive attitude, your life will soar upwards.  But if your attitude is negative, it will spiral downward until you crash.

To justify the point, when have you ever seen a successful person with a prevailing negative attitude?  You won’t.  You can’t.  And neither can you be successful with one.  However, notice that I said prevailing.  We can, and will, have a negative attitude from to time to time—life will make sure of that.  But we must never let it remain that way.

So, how do you change a negative attitude to a positive one?


Choose to change your attitude. Is it easy?  No.  Are you going to want to do it?  No. After you have just been knocked down it is the hardest thing in the world to get back up and ask to be knocked down again.  Are you going to do it?  The average and ordinary person says, No.  But you are tired of being average and ordinary.  So, this is where you need to say, Yes.  Only this time, you should not plan on being knocked down.

How do you do that?  This is the purpose of each book I write.  In them you will see men and women, boys and girls, as they entertain one problem after another, oftentimes getting more difficult as the book progresses along.  But then you will see them get tired of failing.  You will see them decide to change their lives.  And you will learn that winning is never easy, but it is attainable.

And once you win the first time, winning will get easier and easier.  The reason is because you will have learned the formula for winning.  It is in each of my books in slightly different ways.  I did this because I want to help each of you who reads my books, and you might need to learn it differently than other people.  Yes, I care about you, personally.  In fact, if I only help you, and no one else, then you were worth it to me.